Greenland GT

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The Greenland GT is based on our original Greenland model, the increased width adds stability, while maintaining the characteristics that have made the original Greenland famous.

We added the day-hatch and enlarged the rear hatch, increasing its storage capacity, then gave it a keyhole cockpit for easier entrance and exit. We built this model at the request of the customers who wanted to use the Greenland for longer trips and who wanted a larger cockpit.

Greenland is one of the most well recognized kayaks on the market today. With the classic lines and low volume it has given many paddlers the joy and the interest of trying something new, or go “back to basics” traditional design. Zegul Greenland style kayaks have particularly low volume and a tight ?t to Your body, which gives You a full control of what You are doing and provides You with the feeling of being closer to water than ever.

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MATERIAALIT komposiitti
Pituus 545 cm (17’10”)
leveys 54 cm (21″)
Kantavuus noin 135 kg (298 lbs)
Istuma-aukko 82 x 45 cm (32¼” x 17¾”)
Paino A-Core 23–25 kg (50–55 lbs)
Paino 3D C-Core 18–20 kg (40–44 lbs)
Paino Rock Solid 23–25 kg (50–55 lbs)
Paino Full Carbon 16–18 kg (35–40 lbs)
Säilytys: Keula Round Hatch 24 CM (10”)
Säilytys: Perä Oval Hatch 44X26 CM (17”X10¼’’)
Säilytys: Minilaatikko 15 CM (6’’)
Peräsin / Evä Evä
käyttötarkoitus erikoismallit/greenland
Roiskesuojan koko M: 81,5 x 51 CM (32" x 20")

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  • Adjustable thigh braces (optional for 0€)
  • Aramidisauma
  • Kevyet napsahdusluukut
  • Rubber deck beads
  • Reisituet


  • 3D C-CORE
  • A-CORE
  • Aramidilla vahvistettu kölinauha